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I consider it a great privilege to run for a seat on the Alachua County School Board. The school board is considered by many people to be the elected office closest to the voice of the people. For this reason, it is vital that board members are great listeners and readily accessible to those they represent. This proximity enables the member and the community to work together to make much-needed improvements in the local schools. I hope to meet many of you along this journey, and look forward to hearing your stories and ideas. Since I am asking for your vote on Aug 23rd, let me introduce myself: 

After graduating in 1985 from West Orange High School in Winter Garden, FL, I immediately entered the Air Force. During my 28 years of service, I worked in a variety of positions, held many leadership roles, worked world-wide impactful missions, and served in 10 countries. I owned a business, finished my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, married an incredible woman, and together we are raising four amazing children. 

While in the Air Force, I gained valuable experience in teaching and in the learning process. This included learning how to “train the trainer”, managing/developing/instructing professional education programs, and writing/ conducting management and leadership seminars. I successfully transferred those skills into the civilian world and served 10 years as an adjunct professor of business for William Jessup University in California. As a professor, I taught classes in economics, operations management, leadership, project management, ethics, and evidence-based decision making. In addition, I worked for two junior colleges teaching leadership and personal finance. 

During my four years as a First Sergeant (think HR manager), I worked with Airmen (18-30 years old) who were experiencing major life crises. Working with the Airmen and their families not only helped me develop empathy for them, but I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in how to help those families and individuals work through very difficult and challenging life situations. My four years as a First Sergeant and my desire to give back to the community led to my decision to help in the public school system after I retired from the Air Force. After leaving California and coming home to Florida, I became a 10th and 11th grade English Language Arts teacher at Williston Middle High School in Williston, Florida. 

Through many years of leading organizations of all sizes, as well as my time as a husband, father, and community citizen, I have maintained a deep belief in the importance of the role character plays in achieving excellence. I share the Air Force’s core values of “Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all We Do”, and have worked to incorporate these values into every aspect of life: how I lead my family, approach friendships, and enter into any endeavor I undertake. Because I have seen the impact of these values lived out on both the personal and organizational levels, I am a firm believer that values and character are foundational for organizations to become great. Further, I believe it is impossible to achieve excellence by tearing people or programs down; rather, excellence is achieved through hard work, discipline, sacrifice and dedication. The job of a leader is to work within an organization to provide support, remove barriers, and help ensure that programs meet the needs of ALL of their members—in this case, the needs of the students, parents and school staff. 

In regards to our education system, here are a few of my core beliefs: 

♦ every child should have the opportunity and access to a world-class education. 

♦ both individual and parental engagement are vital for learning and for student success. 

♦ the focus of a school district must be on the education process—concentrating all efforts on the classroom, teachers/staff, and curriculum choices. 

♦ as leaders, we are to listen twice as much as we talk. 

As your next school board member, I will focus on three areas: 

educating students 

engaging parents 

empowering teachers and staff 

If you agree with these goals, and believe I have the experience, education, and vision to do the job of representing you on the Alachua County School Board, I respectfully ask for your vote. 

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